My Writing Journey

by Tony Thomas

I began writing professionally in 1976. My first project was a brochure for a small loudspeaker manufacturer. Thankfully, my client was patient with me because I wasn’t very good. In fact, he suggested that I take a writing course. I took his advice to heart and took steps to become a better writer.

I started reading voraciously and bought an unabridged dictionary. I brushed up on grammar and sentence construction. I also discovered the David Ogilvy book: Confessions of an Advertising Man. That book had a tremendous influence on me and defined my trajectory as a writer. Ogilvy was a brilliant copywriter and a true advertising titan.

I went on to become a partner in an advertising agency and started writing for Cleveland Scene, a popular weekly newspaper. Later, I moved to Los Angeles and began writing for a number of magazines including Mix, Electronic Musician, AV/Video, Roland User’s Group, and more. I moved back to Cleveland and continued writing. I returned to Cleveland Scene and also began contributing regularly to Recording.

As soon as I discovered the Internet, I began blogging.  I started with Tony Thomas’ Techtrends beginning in the mid-1990s and added The Frugal Fountain Pen in 2014.  I wrote some short e-books that are on Amazon and plan to write many more.

Over 40 years later, I am still writing. And I plan to share my writing experiences with you in this blog. I look forward to the journey ahead.

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