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Tony Thomas has been an advertising/marketing consultant and freelance writer for many years. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Recording, Mix, Millimeter, AV/Video, Electronic Musician, Transoniq Hacker, CCM, MCS, Cleveland Scene, Roland Users Group, and Kawai News. He is also an accomplished photojournalist with a number of published photos.

He has written literally hundreds of published articles and has interviewed luminaries like Todd Rundgren, Michael Omartian, Robbie Buchanan, Alan Silvestri, Roger Linn, Marcus Ryle, Peter Wolf, Patrick Moraz, Richard Souther, Eric Persing, and others.

He has also handled advertising and public relations assignments for a number of companies including McDonald’s, Grumman Flxible, Roland Corporation, Kawai America, New England Digital, Norstan Corporation, Group IV Recording and a number of other clients.

Ad agencies he has worked for include Mediatronics, RTC&L, Target Communications International, Media One Advertising, and The Thomas Group.  He has also been a freelance copywriter and creative consultant to several other advertising agencies.

Tony currently writes and edits Internet blogs including “Tony Thomas’ Techtrends”, “The Writing Life”, and “The Frugal Fountain Pen.   He has published three books — “Retool: How to Find the Job you need to Succeed”, “Getting Started with Fountain Pens”, and “The Fountain Pen Book”.

Tony is available for marketing, writing, and creative assignments.

You can contact Tony at tonythomas-at-tonythomas.net.

A full range of marketing, writing, and content creation services:

– Articles
– Copywriting
– Blogs
– Press Releases
– Advertising/Marketing Consulting
– Media Buying
– Voice Over
– Audio Production
– Web Content
– Business Writing
– White Papers
– Direct Mail Marketing
– Brochures/Collateral Material
– Technical Writing/Editing
– Fund Raising
– Ghostwriting
– Broadcast Commercial Production
– Magazine Features/Interviews/Reviews
– Graphic Design
– Web Design
– Videography
– Digital Photography
– Photo Editing
– Proofreading and Copyediting


Recording Magazine

“House of Cards – Sound Cards”
“The $99 DAW Network”
“Turtle Beach Quad Review”
“SAW Review”
“Audix Monitors Review”
“DAW Diaries – Starting from Scratch”

Mix Magazine

“Sound Systems of the Olympics”
“Solid Sound for Solid Gold”
“The Tonight Show Goes Stereo”
“Disc Mastering Roundtable”
“Meadowlark Records/Colours Records”
“Hired Gun” – Interview with Michael Boddicker
“Making Tracks in Tinseltown”
“Studio View Column” (Regular Feature)
“Finding the Studio Business”
“Multitrack Recording for Radio”
“Recording Electronic Instruments”

AV Video

“Digital Derby – Resolving the Digital Dilemma”
“Keeping Track of Tape Formats”
“Getting Your Signal From a Reliable Source”
“Digital Disco”

Roland User’s Group

“Christian Music”
“Roland Rocks the House”
“Earth Wind and Fire”
“Digital Processing for the Digital Age”
“Studio Musicians”
“Discover New Adventures in Sound”
“The Roland Learning Center”

Kawai News

“All About Additive – Programming the Kawai K5”
“MIDI to Go with the PH-50”
“Rack ’em Up – The Kawai K1R”
“Sonic Synthsations – The Kawai K4”

Cleveland SCENE

“Todd Rundgren Interview”
“Cakewalk Pro Audio Review”
“Mackie 1202VLZ Review”
“Audio Voodoo”
“Workstations Create Musical Wonders”
“The Death of Vinyl”
“Audio Predictions for 90s”
“Portable Information Managers”
“Home Keyboards”
“Q Sound Review”
“Home Audio Gift Options”
“Budgeted Camera Gift Options”
“Buying a Camera”
“WABQ – Soft Soul”
“Understanding Your Stereo”
“Audio Supplement” (All Articles)
“Bobby McFerrin Voicestra Review”
“The Determining Component – Cartridges”
“How to Buy a Stereo”
“Stage-Store-Studio – Product Info (1990-1998)”


“Producer’s Notebook – Noise Reduction Systems”

RE/P (Recording Engineer/Producer)

“The Recording of Patrick Williams’ New York Band – 10th Avenue”

Music Computers & Software

“Review of Hybrid Arts’ EZ-Score Plus”

In Sync (New England Digital)

“Alan Sylvestri Interview”

This is only a partial list of credits. Tony has written numerous articles for many prominent publications. 

Writing Samples

“Starting From Scratch” (The DAW Diaries) – PDF Format (from Recording Magazine)

“The SD-1 Power Primer” – PDF Format (from Transoniq Hacker)

An Interview With Todd Rundgren – PDF Format (from SCENE Magazine)

“Space is the Place” – Processors – PDF Format (from SCENE Magazine)

“Going Tapeless” – PDF Format (from SCENE Magazine)

“Kenton Control Freak Review” – PDF Format (from Techtrends)

“Yamaha SW1000XG Sound Card Review” – PDF Format (from Techtrends)

“Go Guitar Review” – PDF Format (from Techtrends)

“ATI All in Wonder Pro Card Review” – PDF Format (from Techtrends)


Tony Thomas’ Techtrends

The Frugal Fountain Pen


“Extremely competent, reliable guy who really knows his onions and writes well.”

Nick Batzdorf, Former Editor: Recording Magazine

“Tony always kept us abreast of the latest trends in audio equipment, which was a valuable asset during the time he worked for us.  He was on time with his stories and
articles, while giving us quality writing and knowledgeable information for our readers.”

Mark Holan, Former Editor: Cleveland SCENE

“I could always count on Tony to deliver the goods – what he promised when he promised it.”

David Schwartz, Former Editor-in-Chief, and Co-Founder: Mix Magazine

“Tony came into a tough environment – interpreting technology into its human factors and writing about that on a daily basis – with style, patience, charm and wonderful skill. He was quick to adapt his skills to our needs and I’d like to feel that we’re both the better for it.”

Martin Winston, Former President: Winston & Winston/Cleveland

“In three words, “Tony always delivers. In today’s world of un-kept promises and wanna-bes, Tony constantly stands out. As multi-skilled as he is, he remains the consummate professional, demonstrating a work ethic to be envied. He has the ability to work singularly, as writers often do, and work well with people. In addition to his considerable skills, his care about his work and his patience are to be noted. His assistance to me as a consultant to Stackhouse and Roseburr Advertising was invaluable. He helped make it possible for us to secure clients we may not have otherwise.”

Anita Stackhouse-Hite, Former President: Stackhouse and Roseburr Advertising/LA

“Tony was very understanding of our business and supportive–we would’ve been lost if not for his great skills and implementation of various goals.”

Angel Balestier, Former Co-Owner: Group IV Recording/Hollywood

“Tony Thomas is a bright, sincere, intelligent man with a fine combination of both integrity and ambition.”

The Late Montgomery N. McKinney, Former Chairman DDB/West,  Chiat/Day and former Vice-Chairman of Kresser Stein Robaire

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