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The Fountain Pen Book Cover

If you are interested in fountain pens, this book is a great place to start. It is short, easy to read and filled with valuable information that I have gathered since becoming a fountain pen enthusiast. I have included lots of links so that you can connect with other fountain pen users, dealers and resources. It is a great primer for those just entering the world of fountain pens.

The subjects covered include:

A Brief History of Fountain Pens
Vintage vs. Modern Fountain Pens
Great Starter Fountain Pens
All About Ink
Fountain Pen Filling Systems
Fountain Pen Maintenance and Cleaning
Fountain Pen Nibs
Writing with Fountain Pens
Building a Fountain Pen Collection
Paper for Fountain Pens
Mixing Fountain Pen Inks
Pens from Around the World
Custom Fountain Pens
High-End Fountain Pens
Fountain Pens As Investments
Fountain Pen Dealers
Fountain Pen Resources

About me: I am Tony Thomas, editor of the Frugal Fountain Pen blog: My blog has had over 85K page views since it started in January of 2014.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


The Fountain Pen Book



Updated for 2017!  This book will help you find a job FAST using proven techniques that will allow you to gain visibility and rise to the top. Many areas are covered including documenting your skills and experience, proactive job search techniques, company research, speed training, resume prep, interviewing, networking, the Internet and more. It contains no fluff or filler, is easy to read, and filled with helpful links to help you along the way. It was written by Tony Thomas, a published writer and marketing professional with over 35 years of experience. He has been in the job search trenches and has successfully used many of these techniques to find jobs. Let Tony help you find your dream job!

Selected Topics

  • The New Job Market
  • How Job Hunting Has Changed
  • Emergence of the Gig Economy
  • Focusing on the Goal
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Doing a Skills Inventory
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch
  • Managing the Proactive Job Search
  • Targeting Businesses
  • Researching
  • Finding the Invisible Job Market
  • Speed Training
  • Preparing Your Resume
  • Mastering the Interview
  • Power Networking
  • Unleashing the Internet
  • Going Postal
  • Following Up
  • Resources


How to Find a Job Fast – Updated for 2017

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